"not everything is about johnlock!" yes it is. literally everything is about johnlock. i study for johnlock. i take care of my pets for johnlock. i clean behind my ears for johnlock. try johnlock today for a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

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#Can you just imagine if there were people passing by #and they heard Cedric saying that to Harry? #they’d probably be thinking that they would go to that restroom #and make looove and shit #and then when Cedric died #it made sense why Harry was like on top of him and bawling #BECAUSE HIS BOYFRIEND DIED #omg that hogwarts student probably thought they were Sherlock figuring all this shit out

I bet all the students shipped them. 

I bet they called them Harric 

#the starcrossed champions from hogwarts

i will never not love this post

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